'N' Yourself!

by Omar Sami Khan

Published on April 21, 2017

Alarm Clock beeps.

Snooze … very few get up in the first attempt.

It beeps again…. And this time many will get out of the bed, as they can't afford to be late for work, some don't need an alarm to get them on their feet; they have their five and seven year old.

You spend 15 minutes to deal with the three S (Shit, Shower, Shave), I am not including those who take their cell phone with them. I am sure many are reading this article sitting on the shit pot. Now, I know why manufacturers are designing water resistant cell phones.

The D Mode on your car takes you to the same place five days a week. There are times when you will sit for few extra hours just to be in the limelight; respond to 400 emails in eight-hour shift (one of my ex-boss claims it). You know when to sip your tea and when to burn nicotine filled wraps. You wait for the lunchtime to gossip with your colleagues, weight conscious people will hit the gym, but everyone spends their last few hours browsing different tabs and leaving the office by updating their fb status, 'A productive day at work'.

The D Mode on your car takes you back home and the same vicious cycle continues the next day. You follow the same routine and you never get sick. It happens everywhere, no one has time to 'N' himself or herself.

I was wrong.

A meeting that I was invited to by a Chinese company, leading manufacturers of Telecommunication Equipment. The time was locked at 12:30pm, but I reached at 1:00pm (was trying to break the record of sending 400 emails). To my surprise, the host was found under his desk, is he dead? Or is he being punished?

If you work for Chinese Company, you will also be found sleeping under your own desk.

That's 'N' Yourself.


Chinese are everywhere; they are leading the technology industry. They are doing something right. Lets sleep! "Come back, you can hibernate after reading this article"

The idea is not to sleep; the idea is to neutralize your mind, body and soul to be in a state that refreshes you to be back in the D Mode, to go the distance, to respond to only few emails, but make it right/perfect, to socialize with the right people and be in the limelight without sitting for extra hours.

What better way is there then to offer Salah/Namaz.

Neutralize, that's the key to success. Do it five times a day, every day.