Paanch Number

by Omar Sami Khan

Published on May 19, 2016

Hum dow, Humaray dow, Chaar! The no. 4 (four) – a numeric that symbolizes a complete family.

If that's the case… why are we five? Hello mum…Beeeeeep, she hangs up!!

Two white and two brown, all from another town. An analogy; a jingle to tell the world that we are also complete, we are FOUR. Human nature, everyone wants to be perfect/complete. Vicious circle I tell you.

The famous Five, a book that I read whilst growing, Hum Paanch, a drama on Indian TV that I used to watch after 5pm, it was a five minute walk to my school from home, seating capacity in a car is five, 5 seater sofa set, the maid on the phone to my mother "baji, baas paanch minutes main aa gaye", a colleague to another, lets meet after five…

My thought process started to change and I was taking five into account and started with; we need a table for five, exploring five senses, I was praying 5 times a day, the five pillars of Islam are the framework of the Muslim life.

I've stopped locking my brother in the trunk anymore, we are five and we are complete. And finally he can breathe in and breathe out at 5 min intervals.

An acid aunti to my mother, maira bacha tau first aaya hai aur aap ka? Loh jee… ab ais ONE kai formulay ko kaun samjhay.

But, the significance of number five was always around… the 5 points agenda every year; regardless to say are edited and re-edited every year, staying in a five star hotel, five frogs on a log (a new book that I was reading), was working five days a week, five bar wi-fi signals on the laptop and a five bar signal strength on my cell phone.

Number 1 Operator in Pakistan, Number 1 to become the first 4G Company… a previous experience comes to mind… who is the acid aunti among them? This part of my life was to experience the number one network of Pakistan out of five.

Bought five SIM but turns out the signal strength and voice quality is almost the same; the question remains… what makes them the number one operator. Is it the subscribers count? ARPU? Market Penetration? Number of Employees? Or someone who claims to have the biggest tower?

A tough question for myself and many others…

Breekom Private Limited, current rating is under construction in the market. How will Five Number Ones respond?

The result came as expected…the successfully created brand loyalty. Why does a woman prefer LV over local make! (I'll leave preferences of women for another day though) a five star hospitality, an adaptive approach to new ideas, and a level playing field given to young professionals among huge giants. Thank You Mobilink for being the number one operator, not just by saying it, but by reflecting it in your day to day operations. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.