by Omar Sami Khan

Published on March 7, 2017

Who would understand this word better than me, Partnership?

Steve Jobs said; everything happens for a reason, you could only connect the dots looking backwards. When I look back now, it all starts to make sense. Allah had a perfect plan; the road I took had two lanes. Why two lanes? You will know.

Coming back to Partnership. I am among few fortunate people who didn't come in this world alone. D-Day, You have got Twins…. Yea!! The concept of sharing and working together started from the very beginning. Now, you know… why two lanes.

We survived nine months in the womb, though I was suffocated in there… couldn't really stretch my arms and legs, but we made it. We took turns, when he wanted to sleep, I used to corner myself and vice versa, but it wasn't just love, I am sure there was a lot of kicking too but we always ended up cuddling, we made peace as there's nowhere else to go.

We experienced similarities in the outer world too, sharing the same bed, same room, bathing together, learning to speak and walk together, falling down and then getting up again together. We were each other support system. With Romeo comes Juliet and with my name – his name was always connected. Our names were called out together, we had common friends and we always used to hangout together.

Growing up, it all changed… no more common friends. The postbox had a single name on the invitation card. We were not wearing the same clothes; I don't regret this part at all. Our names were not called out together. He went on to explore his interests and I went on with mine. Everyone is different and everyone has differences, so did we.

Breekom Private Limited, can I do it all alone? I haven't done anything alone. It was only because of him that I passed my entire 3rd Semester in University otherwise, I would have paid a heavy price falling in love.

Till now, my partner was my twin. I will adapt the same approach and started my search for a partner who would be my support system in Business. Growing up with a twin really helped in building partnerships, the sharing nature and cornering approach helped me in a big way. It is always WE. If it was I, I am sure I have had undergone many plastic surgeries from the beating.

Businesses are all about synergy and partnership. The beauty of like-minded people working together for a similar cause and benefiting from each other's experience. There is no point in re-inventing the wheel. Who has got time and money to do something all over again, you don't want to burn all your cash before making it big.

Uber started with a tweet. What's your excuse?