Standing Ovation

by Omar Sami Khan

Published on April 21, 2017

Are we all waiting for the Red Carpet Moment? To be recognized and awarded for our work, efforts and honest approach; be it work or family.

Human Nature:

It doesn't imply on those who are sitting on the top and twisting the Pajama Case as per their will.

For people like us,

We do need appreciation, we do need people to tell us that we are doing great. We do need an Improvement Plan.

That's what the Corporates are all about.

All that glitters is not gold.

In mid 2013, I was offered a job with added benefits and significant jump in salary from my current employer, and I said, yes!

Then, it was a wise decision. After three months, I was repenting over it. Now, couldn't have been better.

What exactly happened after three months?

The company that I joined had no Technical Team to get my ideas and theory implemented. They just had one resource that was looking after a native messaging gateway and I was asked to sell it to clients.

How can I sell onions if I don't like it?

Fine, you don't have a team, I know people who can code my ideas and we can launch a product with a client.

Day 74:

The technology partner was in place and my three ideas were with a Multinational Company for assessment and evaluation.

I received a message on Skype, please come to my office; so, I picked my BB, diary and my pack of smokes. The pack of smokes was to celebrate the Eid Bonus Announcement; it was due in four days. The moment we all have been waiting for, Standing Ovation.

That day, I just didn't pick my smokes, BB and my diary.

Later, that day I wrote the most important lesson on the same diary that I picked from my table.

No one will appreciate your work, no one will tell you that you are doing great, no body will give you a Standing Ovation.

The corporates are going against human nature.

I wonder why even bother giving your employee a five-digit salary and then tell them, I don't see Signs in you.

Those were the words on Day 74, "I Don't See Signs in You".

I still thank the most Thankless person for firing me. It is only because of Allah and then him that Breekom and my other small start-ups exist.

"If you are a good son, a good brother, a good husband and a good father, that is all that matters. These are the relations that should be put forward to everything else in the world.

So, Stand up and give a Standing Ovation to yourself.