Intro Me, Jazz

A service launched with Jazz in 2014 and now being used by many Jazz consumers.

Intro Me



Jazz Intro Me gives you the facility to send a quick introduction to the receiver by making a flash message appear on receivers mobile while the phone rings. You have the option to customize messages or greetings for every caller.

GMLC, Telenor

In 2015, Breekom was part of RFP Process for GMLC (Gateway Mobile Location Center).The RFP Process stretched for almost three months. And it took us another 45 days to build, deploy, and test the entire platform to go LIVE.


RFP Process


This part of our life is to give back to the society…. An APP for hospitals that helps generates funds for less fortunate people. Nority is connected with philanthropist, NGO's and common people. You can donate any amount. Nority also gives you an update on patient's progress. Nority is the digital way to collect funds.


Sky Call

Are you still using your GSM Phone to make International call? Or have you adapted cost affective mediums like Skype, Viber, Imo, etc. Everyone is going digital, Yes? There is still a segment that uses feature phone and have to connect with their loved ones living abroad. Sky Call, a service that connects you to Skype without the need of having Internet, Skype Account, Smartphone or Laptop. All you need is a feature phone (a nokia 3310), a friend/family member living abroad and leave the rest to us.

Sky Call